Anna Lee

After over 30 years of beautifying faces, I continue to be  more  passionate than ever, each day.

Teaching and educating different people is my life.  Makeup lessons are my signature service I offer.  I've conducted professional makeup seminars, including Clinique International.  Also I’ve given many talks and events to groups at different venues and organizations.  The most recent was for the residence of Millennium Tower last year.  I’ve taken on challenges to work with very unique cases of medical patients as well, most voluntary.  After almost 20 years as makeup director in highly regarded 77 Maiden Lane Salon (now Joseph Cozza), Blink Eyebrows and Cosmetics was opened over 10 years ago.  As a pleasent surprise, we quickly became a eyebrow destination in San Francisco.  Our exclusive wax-free, intricate eyebrow design became our innovative, signature service for both women and men.  The texturizing trimming technique is my favorite specialty.

During the past decade at Blink, I receive great joy mentoring my clients on their journey of maturing gracefully.  After thousands of eyebrows and faces, more work still to be done.  The quote is, "Everyone in my chair is a celebrity".  The beauty artistry brings me joy.